Prayers for passers-by

UPDATED: Pictures from #Prayers2Pass at The Daily Chronicle

Building on the Ashes to Go model, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in DeKalb, IL goes out of its building to offer prayers. David Thomas of the Daily Chronicle:

Many of the public prayers were from Northern Illinois University students, who were hoping for divine assistance in obtaining a job or doing well on their final exams. The Rev. Stacy Walker-Frontjes said the impetus of “Prayers2Pass” came from the stress she noticed students were dealing with around Ash Wednesday.

“Some of them didn’t necessarily want the imposition of ashes, but they seemed to appreciate that somebody was talking to them and offering to pray for them, so we thought, ‘You know what, there’s something to this,’ ” Walker-Frontjes said. “We thought, ‘What if we offered to … pray with people or pray for people at the end of spring semester?’ ”

The church also posted prayers online on their Twitter account, @StPaulsDeKalb, each was marked with the hashtag #Prayers2Pass.

Associate priest Joyce Beaulieu said that “the prayers were open to everyone, regardless of faith and regardless of the reason.”

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