Prediction Season for General Convention Opens

Just like Christmas comes earlier and earlier, just like political campaigns start years prior to the election, so issues around General Convention creep more and more into the intervening years.

Thus argues Crusty Old Dean, known in the non-blogging world as the Very Rev. Tom Ferguson, who offers his prognostications today about what will be the hot topics in the summer of 2015.

Aside from offering predictions about the Presiding Bishop election, and opining that the debate over divestment from Israel/Palestine will heat up, COD spends the most time arguing that TREC will not accomplish what everyone hoped:

Nothing of substance will come from the Restructuring Task Force, except maybe some resolution thanking them for their work, commending it to the church for discussion, and about continuing the conversations. On the one hand there will be those seeking to undermine any efforts at restructuring; on the other there will be those who say, “But we need the new PB to weigh in on these conversations!” That one-two punch has TREC doomed.

Read the whole thing here.

Then, weigh in below. What do you think will happen in Salt Lake City?

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