Presbyterian Elder muses on which church would be the best in a bar fight after his town proposes anti-discrimination ordinance

Image from Mic article about states without anti-discrimination laws

Paul Detch, a Presbyterian Elder living in Lewisburg, WV, wrote a letter to a local editor after witnessing an ugly protest of a proposed ordinance to prevent discrimination in the workplace against people on the basis of sexuality.

Many cities, towns, and states do not ban this type of discrimination (you can see a pictorial depiction of states by anti-discrimination laws in a Mic article from June, 2015).

Detch dismisses the odds that an Episcopalian would be the winner in the brawl, reinforcing old stereotypes about the denomination while also noting that TEC operates from data and careful consideration for accuracy and the rights and dignity of others.

From the letter:

Normally one would assume that Episcopalians would be the first choice because of the familiarity with bars. But Episcopalians and Lutherans are a lot alike. They seem to take no joy in smashing someone’s face with a beer bottle, just for the sake of doing it. At least they want to justify their pleasure by being politically correct on which side they take. They want to make sure they have their facts straight, their cause is just; that they are on the correct side of history.


The fight sites would be limited to those bars that served quiche and offered a good label of Chardonnay.

Besides pigeon-holing Episcopalians as Chardonnay sipping fans of quiche, Detch also reflects on how the protest convinced him that his town needed this ordinance, and comes to the conclusion that winning a bar room brawl isn’t a good indication of right or wrong.

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