Press round up post-Lambeth

Now that the Bishops are on their way home, the press is trying to make summarize the just completed Lambeth Conference and the pundits are polishing their crystal balls to tell us what it all means.

Press summaries are found on Thinking Anglicans here and here. TA also points to the audio of the final press conference here.

Here is epiScopes summary of Lambeth news and here is the ENS report of the last day.

John F. Burns of the New York Times says Anglicans to Seek Pact to Prevent Schism.

Here is Rachel Zoll’s (AP) take.

The Telegraph says that Archbishop Williams is upbeat after Lambeth.

Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks plenary to the Lambeth bishops generated some letters to the editor in the Jerusalem Post.

The Guardian’s lead is here.

The Times’ lead is here.

The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin says that Anglicans need “space without pressure.”

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