Preview: Daniel’s sermon

There isn’t a whole lot of Jesus in tomorrow night’s episode, but we do get a longer than usual exposure to Daniel in the pulpit.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.” I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but that’s kind of our motto. How do we, as a church, as a community of faith, welcome our brethren? And what about people of other faiths? Muslims. Buddhists. Jews. How do we welcome people who think differently from us into our lives? Isn’t it our job, as Christians, to welcome and accept everyone? Acceptance means not shutting our minds and hearts when we encounter differences in others. Different faiths, cultures, age, sex, race… all the “isms”. And like charity, acceptance begins at home. ”

Those of you who are Episcopalians, keep your eyes open for how the issue of membership is handled tomorrow night. Daniel’s church seems to be much more formal about who belongs and who doesn’t than churches I am aware of, but perhaps others have a different experience. Let’s talk about it after the show.

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