Previewing the survey

Earlier today it was announced that a survey open to all members of The Episcopal Church was available.

Consider the sample of the survey instrument below. Does the survey give you the opportunity to express your views on the matters of most importance to you? Do you believe the underlying assumptions of the survey are true? Do you believe the survey will prove useful to the Strategic Planning Committee? What suggestions do you have for improving the survey?

____The Survey Instrument (This is a sample. To take the survey go here.)____

The Episcopal Church is at a watershed moment. We have the opportunity to become a truly multicultural church and are poised to effectively reach the “spiritual but not religious” in new ways. Technological and cultural changes sweep our planet at an ever-increasing pace. Never before has it been easier to spread our message. Never before has it been more critical for our message to be shared.

As a member of the Episcopal Church, this is your chance to shape how we carry out our mission. Your voice is sacred. Please take some time to share your thoughts and dreams with our community.

Your response will shape the decisions made by the Strategic Planning Committee as it drafts a plan for consideration by the church. The results of this survey will be publicly accessible at this fall.

1. Are you a:

2. Imagine the year as 2019, and the Episcopal Church is even more vital and thriving than it is today. As the Church begins to create a plan to move us toward that future, how important will each of the following be in reaching that vision?

Less Important Important Very Important
A. Evangelism/Proclaiming the Good News of Christ
B. Multicultural inclusion
C. Worship, music, and liturgy
D. Reaching youth and young adults
E. Clarity of denominational mission
F. Leadership
G. Strenghening congregations
H. Planting new churches, communities of faith
I. Church administration, coordination and structure
J. Stewardship
K. Advocacy and social justice
L. Other important area

3. Which one of the broad issue areas named above do you feel will be most important to a vital Episcopal Church in 2019?

* * * Select the letter of one of the issues listed above that corresponds to your first choice.

4. To achieve your vision of a vital Episcopal Church in 2019, how much effort needs to be given to each of the following paths or strategies?

Little/Some Effort Much Effort Great Effort
Focusing on growing our ministry in multiple cultures
Developing leadership for ministry in a multicultural world
Reaching out to the Latino/Hispanic population
Encouraging creative approaches to liturgy and music
Expanding efforts to reach younger generations
Streamlining our governance and organization
Improving communications between congregations, dioceses, and the Episcopal Church Center
Improving communications between Executive Council, General Convention, and committees (CCAB’s)
Articulating an Episcopal “brand” and identity
Focusing on God’s Mission as the centerpiece of our church
Communicating our story through tools such as public narrative
Encouraging lay ministry
Increasing alternative paths to the ordination process
Facilitating evangelism and new church planting
Increasing outreach to the disadvantaged
Advocating ending or transforming unjust social structures
Establishing a churchwide mission fundrasiing initiative
Other important path or strategy

5. Are you currently a member of one of the following? Check all that apply

6. What is your age?

7. What is the name of your diocese? (optional)

8. What recommendations would you make to the Strategic Planning Committee?



To take the survey online follow this link.

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