Priest ministers to youth, poor, imprisoned in Lagos

Nigerian Priest, Venerable Geoffrey Chukwuneye, Vicar, All Saints Church, Surulere, Lagos is a rallying point for people of different age groups and gender desirous of finding true happiness and blessings of God.

According to a story in All Africa, by Bonny Amadi, writing in the Lagos Daily Champion,

Chukwunenye does not just wait for people to come to him to seek the face of God but also devotes greater part of his time in searching for lost souls who are confined inside the prison walls, those walking the street as the wretched of the earth as well as people with various diseases and illness who may have given up hope.

The prison evangelism department of his church, hospital outreach and his poverty alleviation programmes have since become a beehive of activities where various food items, clothes, money, property and other items are assembled regularly for the less privileged and needy thereby passing a message that he that oppresses the poor, oppresses his God.

The article tells of how the Vicar develops leaders:

“An apostle of democratic leadership that provides the needs of the common man, this clergy of repute has been an advocate of transparent leadership and on the vanguard to see that the youths who are leaders of tomorrow are taken out of the streets not as political tugs (sic) but as major contributors to the development of our nations economy.

To achieve this, he ensures that special empowerment and training programme are regularly organised for youths to equip them for the challenges of times.”

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