Print partners receive official notice from ELife

The printing partner editors have received this email from Anne Rudig, the director of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Communication. It is their first direct communication from the church office of proposed changes such as the shift of the print edition of Episcopal Life from a monthly to a quarterly.

From: Jessica Metz

Date: July 1, 2009 1:00:14 PM EDT

To: Editors

Subject: Message from Anne Rudig

Dear Editors,

The following message has been sent on behalf of Anne Rudig…

Dear Editors,

In March, Church Center directors were asked by PB&F to think creatively with an eye to doing more with less in the next Triennium. In response to that request the Office of Communication proposes a shift in strategic focus enabling the Office to evangelize and retain more effectively in the years to come.

The proposal includes moving Episcopal Life to a quarterly frequency, refocusing the content to evangelism and spirituality, and separating Episcopal Life from diocesan newspapers. The regular news staff continues intact and Episcopal Life Online becomes the primary source of church news for Episcopalians.

A draft budget reflecting this shift was submitted to Program, Budget and Finance for hearings at General Convention. This shift is prompting debate about the role of news, the role of print, and the function of Church communications.

After debate and resolution, the Office of Communication will implement the Church’s mandate, respecting the concerns of all.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments or concerns as we move through this process.

Kind regards,

Anne Rudig

Jessica Metz

Episcopal Life Media

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