Pushing Daisies

It’s a romantic comedy. About death. And the romantic leads can’t actually touch one another, or else she dies. This cute–maybe too cute, whimsical–maybe too whimsical ABC offering has become appointment television in one Café-related household. Not least because it features the voice of Jim Dale, who did such a brilliant job reading the Harry Potter series. Any thoughts about the show, and do you think the fact that the lovers can’t ever become physically intimate will lead to any insights about the nature of intimacy?

Here is the EW oeuvre on Pushing Daisies. 1, 2, 3, 4. The articles by Leah Greenblatt are worth reading even if you never intend to watch the show.

Meanwhile, TV watchers, do we think Friday Night Lights has jumped the shark with the sub-plot about the stalker killing/cover-up? (Phrased like that, I can’t help but answer yes, although I wasn’t bothered much when I watched it.)

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