Question of the day: The Archbishop and the Pope

We understand from mainstream reports that Rowan Williams is to meet with Benedict XVI on Nov. 21st at the Vatican. As has been widely stated, this will be the first such meeting since things got a bit icy a few weeks ago.

What will be the substance of that meeting?

  • … a direct request (wrapped in an indirect tone) to the Pope to take his hand out of the ecclesial cookie jar?
  • … polite, disaffected natter broken by awkward, stony silences?
  • … a request by the Archbishop to the Pope to join him in drafting a joint statement of condemnation over the proposed legalization of draconian treatment of homosexuals in Uganda, and enjoining the local church to do the same?
  • … agreeably safe matters such as China and climate change?
  • … Rahner, Pannenberg, Moltmann, von Harnack, Bonhoeffer, or any other German theologians?
  • … something else altogether?
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