Quincy stays…for now

The Diocese of Quincy decided at last weekends convention not to depart from the Episcopal Church…for now. According to an Associated Press report in the Chicago Tribune, the Rev. John Spencer, spoke for the Diocese when he said “We didn’t make any formal changes in our relationship with the [U.S.] Episcopal Church this weekend.”

Spencer said the delegates “focused primarily on our worship together, our time together as a diocese and family, and our focus on ministry work around the globe. We took a number of actions that will open up possibilities for the diocese over the course of the coming year to examine and consider relationships with other parts of the Anglican community.”

The Journal Star of Peoria reports that while several resolutions seeking separation and realignment were discussed, none were acted on. Instead,

Diocesan leaders are waiting to see what actions other dioceses take at their annual gatherings, he said.

Also being awaited are reactions by archbishops from around the world to actions taken in late September by The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops. The Anglican leaders had asked the U.S. bishops earlier this year to clarify their stand on blessings of same-sex unions and consecrating noncelibate homosexual bishops.

Spencer said diocesan leaders also are waiting to see who will attend next year’s scheduled Lambeth Conference in England, a meeting of Anglican Communion archbishops and bishops from around the world held once every 10 years.

So for now, at least, it appears that this diocese has decided to pause for a season to discern their role in the Episcopal Church.

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