Quincy votes to leave

The Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy has voted this afternoon to leave the Episcopal Church.

The vote was announced as

Clergy 41 yay – 14 nay

Laity 54 yay – 12 nay

The resolution (2008-RM-1) that they were voting on can be viewed here.

The Diocese has also voted to associate with the Province of the Southern Cone. The vote was announced:

Clergy 46 yay – 4 nay

Laity 55 yay – 8 nay

The Diocese was immediately received into the Southern Cone and a Canon of the Diocese was appointed the Ecclesiastical Authority until a new bishop could be elected. The entire diocese was invited to a party in Argentina this evening to celebrate the anniversary of Archbishop Venable’s enthronement. New licenses for the clergy will be distributed tomorrow. All clergy resident in the Diocese is automatically now part of the Southern Cone unless they individually act to refuse that transfer.

In related news, the portion of the Diocese of Pittsburgh which voted to leave the Episcopal Church and become a part of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone has elected Bob Duncan to serve as their bishop.

Addendum: Living Church report on Quincy here.

And Episcopal Life reports here.

Addendum 2. Episcopal Life has a very complete report.

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