Random links – Religiously-themed video game edition

… The September rollout of a web-based game called The Bible Online prompted some very pertinent questions (among other things, about the nature of scriptural revelation and patriarchy) from Rachel Wagner. (Warning: You lose faith points when your character sleeps. Really.)

… 16-Bit Catholic (“Where faith and classic gaming meet”) reviews the Facebook game Priestville. (Warning: Uncomfortable number of references to Mafia Wars.)

Introductory and closing clips of the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces. (Warning: Do not buy a hot dog from a street vendor or read Global Weekly!)

… The statement of faith for the group Gamers4Jesus. (Warning: They believe in both the Virgin Birth and the deathmatch mode of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.)

… The song list for the game Dance Praise. (Um, actually … this looks kind of fun.)

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