RC nuns, priests form new ‘Whistleblowers’ network

The New York Times writes about “Catholic Whistleblowers, a newly formed cadre of priests and nuns who say the Roman Catholic Church is still protecting sexual predators…”

Although they know they could face repercussions, they have banded together to push the new pope to clean house and the American bishops to enforce the zero-tolerance policies they adopted more than a decade ago.

Read NY Times story here. The group has written a letter to Pope Francis in which they state:

Pope Francis, do not pass us by on the Camino. Throughout the years we and other people like us have encountered apostles chastising us to silence, and we have been unable to penetrate the will of decision-makers in the Church so that they would resolve this crisis and scandal. You can make a difference: do not pass us by but elect to show us mercy. You can change the Church’s response. You can rebuild trust and begin to bring about the necessary healing of the Body of Christ.

Read more at the Catholic Whistleblowers Web site.

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