Reactions to day 3 of Lambeth

The bishops and stewards who set up blogs before the conference have been conscientious in keeping up with the discipline of regular posts.

The bishops attending the conference are still on retreat so there’s little “news” to report. Most of what they are writing about is the impressions that praying in the midst of such diversity and in such ancient surroundings are causing in them.

But occasionally the stresses and uncomfortable conversations that are ahead still manage to make themselves known.

Bishop Councell of New Jersey reports on his own emotional reaction to Bishop Robinson’s absence.

Bishop Whalon of the Churches in Europe finds hope though:

The hard work, however, has already begun in the Bible study groups, from all reports. People are not here to “play nice.” We have all come “to make straight the way of the Lord” in our Communion (studying John 1). What that means and what that will take remain to be seen. Tonight I have a growing sense of hope. There are a lot more bishops here than were expected…

Bishop Roskam of NY has her thoughts on what might be accomplished in the coming weeks. And a realistic sense that even this would only be the beginning.

Bishop Alan Wright has some insights into how the Indaba groups will work… or at least how they’re supposed to work.

Bishop Kirk Smith has movies!

You can find links to many of the blogging bishops here if you’d like to read them all. (Or use the handy RSS feed to subscribe to the bishop’s blog posts as they’re updated.)

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