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Chloe Breyer, an Episcopal priest, writes about the possibility and implactions of schism at Slate.

Diane Winston examines press coverage of Bishop Jefferts Schroi’s election at The Revealer. She writes:

[T]he conflict narrative misses an equally significant story. Schori’s lasting impact may stem not from her sex but from the complex mix of personal qualities and life experience that equip her for leadership in a deeply divided society and the communion that reflects those conflicts. In the course of her odyssey to ecclesiastical leadership, Schori has taken on three of the nation’s most pressing issues: the growing gap between science and religion, the surge in the religiously unaffiliated Americans, and the swelling numbers of Hispanic immigrants. If she can convince her co-religionists to meet these challenges, Schori could move the church from debilitating internal debates over sexuality to reengagement with the larger society.

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