Reading the “Blue Book” for General Convention

Preparing for General Convention and overwhelmed reading the Blue Book? Two deputies have offered “cliffs notes” style commentaries and reflections on the content and resolutions:

Liza Anderson, Lay Deputy to General Convention (GC) for Connecticut, has written a commentary on the GC2012 Blue Book. She notes:

Caveat: This summary and commentary contains strong opinions written on too little sleep, which should be taken with several grains of salt. Dissent, corrections, clarifications etc. are welcomed at

Download it here (pdf).

From the comments: The most current version of my commentary can be read or downloaded here. I’ve been updating it frequently as I get feedback from people, and will continue to do so. (You can read it on that site without logging in, but I believe that to actually download it you either need to log in through facebook or set up an account.)

Scott Gunn, clergy deputy for Rhode Island, is publishing a series of reflections on the Blue Book at his blog, Seven Whole Days. A summary of his positions on the resolutions is here.

As longtime 7WD readers will know, I am serving as a Deputy to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. As I prepare for this legislative extravaganza, I thought I’d post some thoughts about various resolutions. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging my way through the so-called* blue book and other resolutions.

What you’ll see here is a list of resolutions and my current thinking about a vote. Some of my initial impressions will certainly change, based on insights, conversations, or reflections as the voting looms. And of course there will revisions to the texts, which could change my thinking. When I blog about one of the resolutions, you’ll find a link to that post here in the index. Enjoy.

*Why is it called a Blue Book when it has salmon colored covers?

Answer: [a Blue Book] is a book of specialized information often published under government auspices (Merriam-Webster)

What are your thoughts? Share other links in the comments. Discussion of resolutions and General Convention are continuing on the Bishops and Deputies listserve and on the Deputy Online Forum.

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