Recapping Episcopal/Anglican news of recent weeks

For those of us who’ve been away from news of the communion over the last past week or so, here is a recap of postings at The Lead.

December 27

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) 2008 – Another announcement that broke over the holiday was that of conservative Anglicans organizing their own global event, as reported in a press release. And what does the blogosphere make of it? Plenty, by our feeds both leftish and rightish.

December 29

News from San Joaquin – In early December the convention of the Diocese of San Joaquin voted to leave The Episcopal Church and join the Province of the Southern Cone.Although dioceses and churches cannot leave The Episcopal Church, Bishop Schofield has been steadily taking actions to close churches and consolidate his base, as the Church follows the canonical procedures for halting his actions. The latest event transpired on Christmas Day with the firing of the vicar of St. Nicholas.

Global Anglican Future fracturing – Dr. Michael Poon has posted some hard questions for the organizers of the Global Anglican Future Conference at the Global South Anglican web site. His first two questions seem to indicate that the organizing primates have gone too far without consultation with others. [See also Greg Jones at The Daily Episcopalian.]

More on GAFCON – More news is emerging about the backers of the Global Anglican Future meeting planned to be held prior to Lambeth 2008. Some of it emerged in further strong reactions to Dr. Poon’s questions.

January 1

The Presiding Bishop accused other churches, including the Church of England, of double standards over sexuality. Katherine Jefferts Schori, told the BBC her church is paying the price for its honesty over sexuality.

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