Reflections of a Hollywood actress turned nun

She co-starred with Elvis Presley and Montgomery Clift, and was touted as “the new Grace Kelly.” Then she became a nun. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

When the artist formerly known as Dolores Hart attended the Academy Awards in 2012, it was her third time on the red carpet and the first time she didn’t fret about what to wear. She wore black – her nun’s habit, a crisp white wimple framing her radiant face.

On a recent sultry July afternoon in Philadelphia, she demonstrates the garment’s versatility. It has built-in ventilation, says Mother Dolores, 74, gentling her hem to circulate cool air. Over her headpiece she sports a jaunty black beret. She talks about her twin vocations, acting and the church. As she tells it, they have more in common than you might think.

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