Religion and Copenhagen

Mark Dowd of Operation Noah writing in the Washington Post discusses “What religion has to say at Copenhagen.” Sr. Joan Chittister, Bishop Tutu and others are attending and adding their voices:

[Forty faith leaders have] been brought here by the GPIW, the Global Peace Institute of Women and they come none livelier than Joan Chittister, a veritable tornado of energy and also, for many decades now, a Benedictine nun. Sister Joan jetted in from Melbourne and a session of the World Parliament of Religions and I set her a stiff test. What would she say to President Obama if she had a mere 30 seconds in a crowded room with him? “You were not elected to save the past. What made America great in energy is both scarce and dangerous now. It’s gone. It’s deadly. It’s over. Begin alternative energy systems immediately now in the United States. No-one goes to heavens without tears in his eyes,” she tells me (him!) “Cry for all those who have suffered as a result of our bad energy choices.”

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Interfaith Power and Light is also active in Copenhagen.

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