Religious leaders offering input to G-20

Religious leaders told their input is valued

By Ann Rodgers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Standing in the lobby of a Downtown hotel, a key adviser to the U.S. delegation to the G-20 Summit promised an array of religious leaders that he would carry their concern for the poor into the economic conclave.

“We value your input and we know you hold us accountable,” said Michael Froman, dubbed the “sherpa,” after Himalayan mountain guides, because he leads the way to the summit. He is a deputy national security adviser specializing in global economics. “I appreciate your prayers. We will need them. This summit is about fixing financial systems … but also about addressing the needs of the most vulnerable.”

The clergy and lay leaders, including Eastern Orthodox to Pentecostal Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Zoroastrians, had processed quietly through Downtown streets to the brief meeting from an earlier news conference organized by the Christian anti-hunger lobby Bread for the World.

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