Religious violence returns to Nigeria

Update: Although numbers are difficult to confirm the BBC now says the number killed may be closer to 500.

Much more detail is available from Monday morning’s BBC World Service. Follow this link and listen to chapters 1 through 4: an on location report, interviews with local authorities, and background behind the violence.


There was fresh violence in Nigeria Sunday morning in a village south of Jos. In recent months there have been several incidents of mass killings in and around Jos. It is often characterized as conflicts between Muslims and Christians. Some say the conflicts are more ethnic in character.

The BBC:

Witnesses said corpses were piled up in the village of Dogo-Nahawa, a few kilometres (miles) south of Jos. … In January hundreds of people were killed in riots in Jos, which lies between the mainly Muslim north and the more Christian south. Ethnic and religious riots also broke out in 2008, killing hundreds.

The attack happened before dawn on Sunday morning when gangs of men descended on the village and attacked people with machetes, reports say. … An unnamed government official told AFP at least 100 people had been killed – most of them women and children.

Analysts say the attack seems to be in reprisal for the clashes between Christians and Muslims in January, which claimed the lives of at least 200 people and displaced thousands of others.

Other reports on today’s violence put the number killed was at least 200.

More background on the fighting is here.

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