‘Resurrection eggs’ scrambling to become a trend

At first it was just a shell of a notion, but it’s beginning to crack into the ranks of Sunday School rooms and homes where Christian formation is taken seriously (but not too). And, it can be laid down with little in the way of eggspence.

We speak, of course, of Resurrection Eggs, a carton of a dozen plastic eggs that can be bought or just as easily made. Resurrection Eggs tell the story of the passion in a culturally-adept (or at least Cadbury-aware) sort of way.

At least one web site which will remain anonymous contends Resurrection Eggs are the blasphemous spawn of the Antichrist. (Should we say they think this idea is bedeviled?). But then the same site bolsters its argument by citing the “unequally yoked” argument of 2 Corinthians in a completely nonironic way.

Oh, well. Some things just don’t go over easy with our extreme fundamentalist brothers and sisters. Perhaps they’d ought to get ova themselves.

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