Resurrection for Haiti cathedral’s murals?

Haiti cathedral’s murals could be resurrected, experts say

Trinity Sunday celebration will mark diocese’s second collection toward rebuilding

From Episcopal Life Online

Some of the world-famous murals that adorned the walls of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti’s Holy Trinity cathedral prior to the Jan. 12 earthquake, and gave Haitians of all faiths a vision of their place in the stories of the Bible, could be preserved and possibly even restored.

That’s the assessment of a team of art experts who have surveyed artworks and other cultural artifacts that were damaged in the magnitiude-7 quake. However, they said, decisions about the murals’ fate need to be made soon.

“The murals are running out of time,” said Corine Wegener, a curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and president of the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield, which is dedicated to the protection of cultural property worldwide during armed conflict.

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