Retired Easton Bishop Sorge dies

The Rt. Rev. Elliot L. Sorge, eighth bishop of the Diocese of Easton, died Dec. 6 in Centennial, Colorado. He was 82.

Bishop Sorge was the bishop of South Central Brazil (1971-1977) and of Easton (1983-1993). He served on the staff of the Episcopal Church Center in New York as officer for the development of ministry, beginning in 1977.

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For those of us who were Sunday School Superintendents or Directors of Religious Education or in Youth MInistry or Camping or any number of ministries in the ’70s-’80s Bp. Sorge encouraged the development of networks for support and continuing education for us across the church. The networks were coordinated by leaders (RRECs?) in these areas. Well done good and faithful servant. Rise in Glory.

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