Robin Hood in Reverse

From the Episcopal Public Policy Network:

Did you know that just two months ago the President and Congress cut $39 billion dollars from education, health care for senior citizens and those with disabilities, child support and support for the working poor from last year’s federal budget?

Now, leaders in the House of Representatives want to cut an additional $10 Billion from programs serving the working poor, children, and the elderly as well as environmental protections from the fiscal year 2007 budget. These cuts will not be used for deficit reduction but to offset a portion of the tax cuts recently passed and defense spending increases.

In March, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and other Christian leaders wrote to the House Budget Committee their concerns regarding the President’s FY 07 federal budget: “As people of faith we must speak with and for the most vulnerable as their voices are least often heard in the corridors of Washington … We call upon our government to eliminate the inequities in its federal budget and instead act to pass a budget that meets the moral test of serving ‘the common good.'”

Your help is needed TODAY! Please e-mail your Representative and urge him/her to oppose the FY 2007 Budget Resolution. Congress may consider this budget this week!

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