Ruth Gledhill spots a double standard

Ruth Gledhill notes that the Church of England seems to judge the Episcopal Church by one standard and the Swedish Church by another:

“The Church of England along with the three other Anglican churches of these isles is in full communion with the Church of Sweden, which is about to debate and probably approve a proposed rite of same-sex marriage. And there is no Anglican-English-style fudge here, over ‘when is a blessing a wedding and when is it just a blessing’. These are real, one-flesh-and-all-that same-sex marriages we are talking about here. The Swedish church already has two women bishops and we’ve remained in communion with them through that one, so I don’t suppose this will make any difference. It just seems a bit unfair that The Episcopal Church should get it in the neck for Gene Robinson, and Canada for New Westminster, while another church, albeit Lutheran not Anglican, gets away with it. Poorvoo but not pour vous, it seems, if you are a gay Anglican in England or TEC.

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