Sacred Circles


So often lately I have been reminded of the multitudes of sacred circles that gather across the country. In homes, over coffee, at book clubs and in lunch rooms, people gather with those they know and those they don’t know, spending time in silence, study and prayer. Sometimes the time is structured, or even designed around liturgy, like the Easter Vigil shown in Pat Smith’s expert photograph above. To my mind, people who sit alone, going solo in prayer and meditation, form sacred circles also. Their invisible circles are joined together by angels and saints.

I predict that these sacred circles will evolve into a habit of active mindfulness. People pausing before actions, decisions or responses; pausing with an intentional listening, watchful of their own consolation and desolation; and, seeking to act fruitfully, with love, patience, generosity, kindness and self-control.

On View: “Easter Vigil New Fire”, photograph by Pat Smith. Pat is a photographer resident in the Diocese of California. See more of Pat’s photography here.

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