Saint Nicholas Day, December 6

Saint Nicholas died on this day in 343 A.D. His biography is told here. There are many legends surrounding the saint. If you leave your shoes outside your bedroom door you’ll a find treat in them in the morning.

Saint Nicholas, AKA Rev. Canon James M. Rosenthal II, long-time director of communication for the Anglican Communion, made an appearance in New York City yesterday. He said,

It is important to bring St. Nicholas’ Christmas cheer to New York because of the saint’s historic significance in the city — the first church in Fort Washington was called St. Nicholas and St. Nicholas Avenue is a main thoroughfare. “One of New York’s great hotels was St. Nicholas on Broadway and the Russian Orthodox has its glorious St Nicholas Cathedral on 97th,” he said. “St. Nicholas, of course, is the name of the church destroyed at 9/11, and whose return as a church many eagerly await.”

JIm’s book (co-authored with Joe Wheeler ) “St. Nicholas: A Closer Look at Christmas” is available here.

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