Same Sex Blessing rites commended by Diocese of California convention


Integrity News is reporting the California Diocesan Convention has approved same sex blessing rites by an overwhelming margin.

Although the Convention passed the resolution, only the bishop has the power to authorize these rites.

The resolution reads:

RESOLVED, that this 158th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of California commend to the Bishop of California the lectionary, rubric entitled “Concerning the Service,” and three rites endorsed by the Commission on Marriage and Blessing, and urge the Bishop to approve the trial use of these forms as resources in the Diocese of California for formalizing the blessing of same-gender unions.

More news of the Diocese of California Convention is here

Integrity is a witness of God’s inclusive love to the Episcopal Church and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.


From an Oasis press release:

Clergy and lay delegates also approved by a broad majority a resolution countering recent opinions voiced by the Episcopal House of Bishops in New Orleans. [T]he resolution both affirmed “the unanimous decision of the (Diocesan) Standing Committee to refuse to discriminate against partnered gay and lesbian bishops-elect” and deplored “the lack of access to adequate pastoral and ritual care for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in large parts of the Episcopal Church and the refusal of the majority of our bishops to make provision for it.”

That Response to the House of Bishops’ Statement resolution is available here.

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