Scam alert

Some readers have asked about a company called anglican films that advertises videos for churches. Be aware that it is a scam. The alert sent to all Episcopal Communicators follows:

Warning: ‘Anglican Films’ Discovered as Suspected Scam:

The “company” Anglican Films is a scam. According to Skip Schueddig, director of the Episcopal Media Center in Atlanta, the “company,” through unsolicited emails, phishes for email data and credit card information. The site looks legitimate; however, when a priest from the Diocese of East Tennessee, who ordered a DVD in July, checked on her order, she received another email saying they were unexpectedly swamped with orders. The domain of the email address is, which looks like a replication house. The priest has not been able to connect with a real person. Several diocesan publications, including The Episcopal Church in Georgia (CIGA), printed the announcement about the release of new church-related DVDs from this bogus company.

If you know of anyone who has placed an order with Anglican Films, have them contact their credit card company immediately.

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