Scott Kirby nominated for VP of the House of Deputies

ENS reports that House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has nominated The Very Reverend H. Scott Kirby, the retired Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Eau Claire, WI, to fill the vacancy of Vice-President.

There are no provisions to fill this vacancy until General Convention convenes in July 2012, but the person elected at that time must immediately step into the role.

Anderson writes, in a letter to the Deputies and First Alternates:

Following the precedent-setting process undertaken by the 30 th President of the House of Deputies, Dr. Pamela Chinnis, when a vacancy in the office of Vice President occurred during her tenure as President, I will nominate a seasoned and well-respected deputy to serve at the 77 th General Convention. This deputy will agree not to stand for election for any office beyond the 77 th General Convention, thereby alleviating any unfair advantage in the election of the next Vice President who will also be elected while we are in Indianapolis, but will take office when the 77 th General Convention is adjourned and serve during the 2012-2015 triennium and be seated at the 78 th General Convention.

At the time of nominations for Vice President to serve the House while we are in Indianapolis, Deputies are free to nominate others if they wish, as the decision belongs to the House of Deputies and not to the President. Certainly, it is my hope that my nomination might enable us to move quickly to the business of the convention and ensure a fair and open process for electing officers for 2015.

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