“Seasons of restraint” continue in Canada

The Anglican Journal reports that the Diocese of Huron plans to offer a liturgy with a celebratory eucharist and blessing for same sex couples. By doing this they hope to avoid breaking the requested moratorium on nuptial blessings for same sex couples.

Bishop Robert Bennett of the diocese of Huron has asked a committee to begin to develop liturgies for a celebratory eucharist and prayers for same-gender couples, but the service will not provide a nuptial blessing. He announced the plan, which closely resembles an approach previously chosen by bishops in the diocese of Toronto, at the start of the Huron diocesan synod (annual meeting) taking place from May 24 to 26 in London, Ont[ario, Canada].

The diocese of Huron’s approach, he said, respects the moratoria requested by the international Anglican Communion on the blessing of same-sex unions, the ordination of bishops in same-sex relationships, and cross-border interventions. “For me, this season of ‘gracious restraint’ will take us to Halifax 2010. We find ourselves in an ‘in-between time’ that must be used to prepare for the national gathering and beyond,” he said. The next meeting of General Synod (the governing body of the Anglican Church of Canada) will be in Halifax in 2010.

One has to wonder how many more “seasons” will have to pass before the church decides to stop sacrificing their members for some illusive myth of unity.

Meanwhile in the Diocese of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, which has led the church in offering blessings for same sex couples and non-discrimination, news of lawsuits in the BC Supreme Court:

The trial before BC Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kelleher over the lawsuit brought by members of four dissident congregations against the Diocese of New Westminster began today (May 25) in Vancouver.

Those bringing the suit, 22 leaders in the four congregations, including three former diocesan priests, have left the Anglican Church of Canada, but want to keep their parish buildings, which the Diocese of New Westminster says it owns.

Read about it here.

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