Senior clergy compensation more than $80,000

Your results may vary, but according to the 2009 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, annual compensation packages for senior clergy in the U.S. exceeds $80,000 the Christian Post reports:

Compensation packages, including benefits such as retirement, life insurance, health insurance and continuing education allowances, have increased to $81,113 per year for the average senior pastor.

According to the survey, churches that draw 101 to 300 people each week pay senior pastors $72,664 per year, including benefits. The pay increases to $88,502 for pastors at churches that average a weekly attendance of 301 to 500 people, and then to $102,623 when attendance averages 501 to 750 people.

Senior pastors, full-time secretaries and administrative assistants in the New England states have higher compensation compared to those in other regions, the survey also found.

Pay also differed among denominations. Pastors leading in Presbyterian and Lutheran churches earn the most with over $100,000 in compensation while executive and administrative pastors make more on average with independent and nondenominational churches ($80,469) than any other denomination.

Find out a bit more from this press release. An excerpt:

The comprehensive results and analysis for this year’s survey of 13 distinct church positions, ranging from senior pastor to church secretary, can be found in The 2009 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff. The complete analysis includes breakdowns based on church denomination, income budget, size, and geographical setting.

This release from 2007 is also interesting:

Although the overwhelming majority (93.7%) of solo-pastor respondents were male, female solo-pastors reported 10.4% higher total compensation.

According to survey results, the role of full-time solo pastor is one of two positions where females reported higher compensation than their male counterparts. The other position is Secretary/Administrative Assistant.

No word on whether those results remain true in the latest survey.

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