Sexuality, faith, and India

The Rev. Winnie Varghese writes,

I leave for India Monday to attend a consultation in Chennai entitled “Sexuality and Faith.” I have been an Episcopal Priest for almost 10 years, an Indian for 37, and I had not planned, in the words of Mordecai, for such a time as this.

Because of dumb luck and kind friends, I know this meeting is happening. Because I am a sucker, I will frame a few of the conversations we will have together. Because God is great, I will hear anew the words of gospel liberation entrusted to every generation in every culture in my home. I did not think to imagine this day.

This consultation is for Indian Christians, primarily Christians engaged in the HIV/AIDS work in India. The statement of purpose is below. The list of speakers is impressive. Almost all from distinguished local Universities and a few visitors from the U.S. like me. It makes me wonder who we’ve decided we’re listening to in our Anglican Communion listening process. If you are interested in supporting these kinds of conversations, please contact me. We would like to do this annually, all over India.

She will tweet the conference from @wsvarghese.

A member of Executive Council, Varghese created a stir in October when she suggested the Council not use Salt Lake City as a meeting site over the current triennium.

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