Shining lights

Daily Reading for November 1 • The Feast of All Saints

Joy of my life while left me here!

And still my Love!

How in thy absence thou dost steer

Me from above!

A life well led

This truth commends,

With quick or dead

It never ends.

Stars are of mighty use; the night

Is dark, and long;

The road foul; and where one goes right,

Six may go wrong.

One twinkling ray,

Shot o’er some cloud,

May clear much way,

And guide a crowd.

God’s saints are shining lights: who stays

Here long must pass

O’er dark hills, swift streams, and steep ways

As smooth as glass;

But these all night,

Like candles, shed

Their beams, and light

Us into bed.

They are—indeed—our pillar fires,

Seen as we go;

They are that City’s shining spires

We travel to :

A swordlike gleam

Kept man for sin

First out; this beam

Will guide him in.

From “Joy of My Life While Left Me Here” by Henry Vaughan, in The Poems of Henry Vaughan, edited by E. K. Chambers (London: Lawrence & Bullen Ltd., 1896).

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