Simple daily prayer

Daily Reading for February 11 • Frances Jane (Fanny) Van Alstyne Crosby, Hymnwriter, 1915

In the twilight of the morning,

When the shadows steal away,

And we wake from balmy slumber

To behold another day,

Let us go alone in secret,

And unburden all our care

At the feet of our Redeemer,

In the simple, earnest prayer.


Let Thy presence, blessèd Savior,

Our protection ever be;

Give us strength for every trial,

Keep, oh, keep us close to Thee.

In the noontide, calm and peaceful,

When we pause awhile to rest,

Ere the sun in all its glory

Is declining towards the west;

In the midst of our temptation,

When the cross is hard to bear,

If we cannot go in secret,

God will hear the silent prayer.


When the toils of day are over,

And we seek the hallowed place

Where by faith we meet our Savior,

And adore Him for His grace;

How we feel our burden lighter,

Till we loose our weight of care,

While we lift our hearts together

In the simple, earnest prayer.


Words to the hymn “Simple, Earnest Prayer” by Fanny Crosby, in Winning Songs, edited by John R. Sweney, William J. Kirkpatrick, and Henry L. Gilmour (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: John J. Hood, 1892). Found at

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