Slow Fade

The American Anglican Council continues its slow fade from the scene. First its executive director left the AAC and joined the schismatic Anglican Mission in America. Now its president has joined the schismatics aligned with Peter Akinola of Nigeria. However, he plans to remain in office.

Here is the first pargaph of the press release:

“The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, President and CEO of the American Anglican Council, recently announced that he has transferred his canonical residency from The Episcopal Church (TEC) of the United States to the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), the U.S. missionary branch of the Anglican Church of Nigeria. The switch, which places Canon Anderson under the oversight of Bishop Martyn Minns, was made Nov. 1, 2006.”

The release says that the AAC’s work will continue. But its credibility is shot. For years its leaders denied that it was a schismatic organization. These denials persisted even after its plans for replacing the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion were unmasked with the leaking of the infamous Chapman Memo. Now its leadership has, in fact, joined schismatic organizations.

I think they’ve been, um, pulling our leg, all along, and that we have tolerated them at our peril, but even if one takes a more charitable view, the AAC’s schismatic intentions can no longer be denied.

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