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Zyngla and the Episcopal Church today announced the launch of Churchyville, a new social game allowing anyone, anywhere to create the diocese of their dreams from scratch. Available in beta in the coming weeks, Churchyville has features that allow players to build a cathedral, plant churches, and create governance resolutions with the help of their friends. To build a thriving diocese, players have to balance the theological and political concerns of characters in the game with the needs of the wider church, all within a beautifully rendered landscape.

Churchyville is where Farmville meets the Book of Common Prayer,” said Kelly O’Saughnessy, designer of Churchyville. “We are thrilled to bring the our most social-justice oriented game to date. Instead of farming or being involved in organized crime, you’re helping find fair-trade coffee for your neighbors.”

As the “bishop,” a player must guide his or her diocese to become a bustling community of faith, finding places to plant churches and receiving in-game advice from his or her suffragan bishop. Churchyville game features include:

Church planting!

Build churches from the ground up! Once the land is secured, find materials for the building. Keep your congregants busy with mission activities and involved in their communities by creating socially responsible businesses. Build homes for your families, and earn more money for your church by creating special events and appeals that will make parishioners more inclined to fill the collection plate.

Run Your Diocese!

A happy diocese is a lucrative diocese!

Your people!

Dozens of laypeople and clergy will be available in the platform, representing a wide range of theological and political orientations.

The wider Communion!

Love thy neighbor. Visit your neighbors’ dioceses to help them secure more items, including collectibles. Be a good buddy by helping friends accelerate church growth, sharing your extra church supplies, etc. and construct churches faster. Send gifts such as stained glass windows, flowers on the altar, hymnals. The more you participate, the more experience you’ll get, which in turn allows you to expand your holdings and give more gifts.

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