Stations of the Cross online

If you are looking for online devotions to enrich your Lenten journey, have a look at the four sets of Stations of the Cross we feature in the Spirituality section of our Web site. We’ve included a link to a set of Stations for children. One caution, the Salvadoran Stations from the chapel at the University of Central America (a Jesuit college in San Salvador) are especially graphic. As I wrote in the introduction to this meditation: “They portray in unflinching detail, the torture visited upon Salvadorans by right wing death squads and the U. S. backed government during that country’s civil war in the 1980s. These stations serve as a reminder that many people walk the way of the cross every day, denied justice and dignity as Christ was, by powerful political forces.”

I find these images extremely moving, but my taste may not be yours.

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