Stop blaming only the poor for the riots

Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales has strong words from establishment figures in the U.K. who are blaming the August riots solely on the lack of morals amongst the poor. He challenges the “elite” to put their own house in order first, and to see to their own moral compasses before they call for the adjustment of others’.

“He told the Western Mail: “I don’t want to condone the behaviour of those who have destroyed property or killed people. On the other hand I believe we have to ask deeper questions, ‘What causes young people, and really young people, to behave in such a desperate way, to behave in a way which they think is acceptable?’

“What causes people to feel so desperate that they can go out and not care about the consequences? There are pockets of our cities that are totally deprived, where our poor feel they have nothing to lose.

“And we have to ask what sort of moral example are they being set by those in authority or positions of power? Headline after headline over the past few years has revealed a society made ‘sick’ by greed and selfishness from the top down.

“We’ve got bankers who’ve been helping themselves to excessively large and unjustified bonuses, MPs exploiting the expenses system and effectively stealing from the public purse, and senior police officers resigning over newspaper phone-hacking scandals. So any plan to tackle the ‘moral collapse’ is likely to fall on deaf ears without a clean sweep of the boardrooms as well as the streets.””

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Jesus says something about motes and eyes that seems to fit here.

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