Stuff Christians like…

There’s an old tradition amongst the Orthodox Churches of sharing jokes during Easter season in honor of the great “trick” that God pulled on Death in the resurrection of Christ. Perhaps this story can be read in that light.

Remember the satire website “Stuff white people like“? There’s now a parody of the satire called “Stuff Christians like.” The book (and site) are written by Jon Acuff, a preacher’s son, and is being published by Zondervan later this year.

From the website, here’s the author’s description:

Does the stuff we like, ever get in the way of the God we love?

That’s the question Stuff Christians Like is all about.

It’s also about booty, God, booty.

And surviving church as a single adult.

And knowing how metrosexual your worship leader is.

And how serious, a serious Wednesday can be.

And hilarious/insightful comments from readers around the world.

And how laughter is a gift from God and when we refuse to accept it, it makes Him want to take it back. Like the unicorns.

All of which is pretty interesting, but somewhat limited. Perhaps we might be able to add some especially Episcopal items to the list?

Like contrapuntal harmony. Or plainsong. Or pale sherry for communion. Fair Trade coffee? Coronation tapestry, either red or green.

Got some more ideas? Share ’em in the comments.

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