“Suddenly, we felt young,”

“Suddenly, we felt young”…91 year-old groom marries 87 year-old bride at Christ Church Episcopal in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Groom, 91: ‘She was the most beautiful woman on the bus’

From KATU.com in Lake Oswego, Oregon

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – “We think this is ordained, it didn’t just happen,” Jack Pelton, 91, said Sunday after his wedding to Louise Kastner, four years his junior at the age of 87.

The pair met on a bus taking residents of the Stafford Retirement Community on a shopping trip. Pelton said Kastner was the “most beautiful woman on the bus.”

On Sunday, surrounded by family and friends, the pair tied the knot in an intimate ceremony and their new life together began.

“Suddenly, we felt young,” Louise said, and then reconsidered.” Younger, we have to admit, and it was nice feeling young.”

Jack said he doesn’t think their relationship was something left to chance. “You can go clear back in your life, find all the steps, I can find them all that took me to Louise,” he said as the newlyweds sat together after their marriage ceremony.

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