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Bill Wong observed on “English bishop encourages young people to priesthood” that perhaps the solution to getting more young folks in the priesthood is to get more young people active in the church. “After all, in some parishes, youth and/or young adult groups are non-existent due to lack of people. This would affect churches in terms of their development of young leaders,” he writes.

Hate begets hate” prompted rhetorical cries of “why?” Cheryl Mack posted her insights as to why, explaining that “Uganda is a nation in crisis. They are desperate to find a way to quiet violence and predation. One previously reliable way to do this has been to choose a scapegoat or victim class to persecute, as did Adolph Hitler. Note the victim was always someone who was somehow ‘different.’ By throwing all anxieties onto the victim, his/their death(s) would relieve unbearable tensions among the crowd. There would literally be a hush of awe and ensuing peace. WHY are they doing this in Uganda? To relieve what is almost unbearable tension and fear.”

Several people on Twitter and FB noted surprise that U2’s spiritual bent was only getting media attention now. Long-time fans have been aware of Bono’s propensity for quoting scripture in his songs. It’s not like Bono is hiding it: “40”, for instance, quotes Psalm 40 directly. As Edwin Beckham put it on Twitter, while retweeting it, “Duh.”

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