Sunday Social Hour

This week saw a return to normal activity on Facebook, so whatever bug was happening last week seems to be resolved. Twitter, on the other hand, was on the quiet side other than for a couple dozen retweets, which we’re grateful for. Which service do you prefer? Have you checked out Google Buzz yet? We’re curious, so let us know.

Bishop Pierre Whalon continues to draw fire for his essay on whether we’d done the theology” with regard to Bishop Robinson’s consecration. The Rev. Michael Russell wrote a response on Daily Episcopalian which generated some commentary on FB as well as on the original post.

Church growth (or lack of it) is another popular topic this week. Our post on the Episcopal Life story on decline generated a number of comments on Facebook, including an observation that women tend to live longer than men, and it could have something to do with the observation in the story that churches with predominantly older women in leadership positions tend to struggle with growth issues most, as Bonnie Crawford observed. Also, from Diane Fruchter Strother, “Tradition is actually very important to the younger generations, but the take on it is somewhat different.”

Both these stories reflect a growing trend that when a story gets a lot of comments on Facebook, it also gets a lot of comments on the original story. It bears noting that popular stories are worth revisiting to see those comments, and that’s something we may well start making a point of doing during the social hour posts.

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