Sunday Social Hour

Welcome to the first springtime edition of the Sunday Social Hour!

This week, one of our readers expressed her thoughts on the Connecticut ruling so succinctly that we had to share: “Just because you don’t want to play our game doesn’t mean you get to walk away with our marbles.” Thanks, Nell! That’s the first time I think we’ve seen a comment get a few likes of its own.

The Daily Episcopalian post “Hot cross buns” got one reader musing that as a child, he always knew Lent was on the way when the Entenmann’s bakery got the hot cross buns on the shelves. This led me to muse on the signs of Lent today–will today’s children associate Lent with a certain fish? (What if it were you hanging up on this wall….)

From Twitter, reader Ailie suggests a link for our baseball section. Via Bill Moyers, John Sexton’s Baseball as a Road to God: A Reading List. This served as the syllabus for a course by that name. A quote, from one of his students:

“Baseball is, you know, this transcendent experience. And for people that share that experience, for people that see baseball or experience something greater through baseball, it becomes a religious experience for them, I feel. And so in that way that’s how I’ve, you know, come to see, you know, baseball…”

Transcript is here and the video of the episode is here.

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