Sunday Social Hour

Things are quietly returning to normal over at the Cafe’s Facebook page after we had to take down a few inflammatory comments. We also posted a reminder about the blog’s feedback comment policy, which extends to our Facebook page. But when I trotted out the common USENET admonition to “not feed the trolls,” we wound up having an interesting conversation about “What is trolling?” — which you can read here.

Also on Facebook, John Lee offers us a sobering observation for Palm Sunday:

In pondering Palm Sunday, and Jesus’ triumphant return from the desert only to be betrayed a few days later, I cannot help but think of how we in the US wave our flags and cheer for troops returning from the desert but then turn our backs on them. (there are about 220K homeless US vets right now). This seemed an okay place to share that thought.

Over on Twitter, seems the formerly antagonistic @episcopalchurch stream is now under the thumb of the folks at 815, according to @iamepiscopalian.

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