Sunday Social Hour

The persisting bug in the Facebook feed has been reported, as the validation error that bounced back to us makes no sense whatsoever and Twitter has no problems with it. Posts came through on Wednesday and Thursday, but since no one posted any comments or likes we suspect they are not coming through on your feed. For now, we’re blaming the new “community page” thing they are rolling out and hope to hear back from Facebook this week; we’re also investigating other means of getting posts out to you on FB since we know that’s how many of you stay in touch with us.

Last week I did shoot out a note asking people for some of their favorite FB groups and pages. Here is what we got back, mostly groups:

My Church Preaches Social Justice

Episcopal Appalachian Ministries

The Center for Progressive Christianity

Postmodern Theism

Marcus Borg Group

I’m Episcopalian

Paradox:Richard Rohr ofm

Got more? Comment!

From Twitter, reader @kenshepherd responds to “Lift High the Rorschach Blot” with:

@episcopalcafe The ruling is not about declaring the cross non-religious but the context/history of monument as insufficient to argue an establishment clause violation. I agree that the cross shouldn’t be emptied of its power, but the greater danger of…[?]

that comes from within the church’s pulpits, not the benches of our civil courts.

Think we missed a bit in there, so we hope you’ll clarify.

One other don’t-miss feature on Twitter is the lists @iamepiscopalian has compiled of dioceses, individual parishes and clergy, all on Twitter.

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