Sunday Social Hour

A huge sigh of relief from here at the Cafe as we see posts are showing up on Facebook again, though not as regularly as before. What may be more interesting is that some of the decreased traffic may be due to people not using Facebook as prolifically as before.

Recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings and sharing technology have a number of people giving up on the service. But we still think that the problems with the feed on Facebook are to blame for our FB woes.

That said, FB is still pretty quiet, but one post that drew a lot of attention was the one on whether we should disinvite ourselves from the Anglican Communion. It got a lot of comments here on the blog as well, so it’s worth revisiting. But on Facebook, seeing comments like “why are we meeting in a palace” and we “need to get over the country club mentality” really underscore what was said here. Here’s Brian Orrock McHugh’s take on it:

If the Anglican Communion wants to reconstitute itself as an organization that “accepts” only churches that fully “agree” with each other, let it do so. I think that TEC should perhaps invite those churches in the present Anglican Communion who do NOT want to belong to such an ecclesial organization to form a new Communion. And … See Moreyes, I recognize that fragmentation can be seen as a “failure” – but the Anglican Communion was born of such disagreement. I would rather that TEC belong to an voluntary organization that reflects our view of God and the Gospel than not.

And while many of you are enjoying Pentecost today (check out who’s talking about it on Twitter), don’t miss out on Tweetecost.

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