Sunday Social Hour

Facebook and Twitter continue to be popular ways of getting the word out about our posts, but a funny correlation seems to exist that those which get the most comments on Facebook tend to be the ones that generate the most comments on the blog itself, and it’s not always the ones you might expect.

Case in point: ‘All together now’: Sunday mornings and the collective mindset. Adding to the dozen or so comments on the original post comes a small chorus of anything but “like” on the Facebook version, which includes comments like the following:

John D.: No sense having children grow spiritually in church. I think that this is the worst idea that I have heard since, say, contemporary worship 7-11 style.

Rita Ann B.-W.: Rather than have children and parents worship separately, have Rel.Ed on Saturday, like another extra curricular activity. If not, have no SS at all; just bring the kids to church; they will learn more there than in SS anyway.

Christi H: OUCH! In my 10 years, I taught vestments, hangings, and windows to my K-1st kids. We made Paschal Candles. The Junior Choir director taught them service music.Then they told parents what the items were called–AND they knew who was related to whom in the Bible and who couldn’t speak and why…. We also found out how big a house is in Central America and what it’s like to share as much space as they have in their rooms with 8 or 10 other people. And we had Jesus snacks.

But the Facebook masses loved the idea of reaching out to Roman Catholics, speaking up about their own experiences as former Roman Catholics.

Perhaps not coincidentally, these two stories also got the most traction on Twitter this week.

The Right Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, also known as @texasbishop, pointed us to a press release in which the Anglican Communion announces it has a Twitter account.: You can follow it at @ACOffice.

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